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Here I will be sharing important updates about my work. 

This will include, New Projects, Shops, Galleries and Events that my work will be apart off. 

My first
artistic interpretation

 published with

the  Cambrian News 

View my work with the Cambrian news

Vogue 6 - opening event 1by1.jpg

I am so exited to announce that two of my pieces, “Aberystwyth Street” and “Aberystwyth Views” is going to be up on display in London .

Boomer-gallery is located in the centre of London in the Tower Bridge.

The show will be on from the 9th-14th of June

Aberystwyth Street 40x50cm.jpg
Aberystwyth views 40X50.jpg
Screenshot 2023-05-20 at 20.41.51.png

Town’s history inspires Kelly

FIRST PERSON - Tywyn photographer, Kelly Doody, explains how she has found inspiration in Ceredigion.

My first person feature was published with

the  Cambrian News 


Pet Portraits in Australia

My Pet Portraits have made it to Australia .

It has been one whole year since I started taking commission orders for my Portraits, and to mark this anniversary I have been informed that this batch I made have arrived safely in the land down under.

All of my portraits are made knowing that not dog (pet) is the same

In the first photo Mia is here modelling along side her portrait. Todd the retriever has sadly left us . But they’re together once again in their own portrait playing tug of war. . Of these four dogs (in the second portrait) Dobbie here modelling is the only dog still with us. He was 10-11 years old in the photo I used.

In the last one here there is about 11 years between the photo being used for the portrait and Mingki modelling along side it .

Back in February I went onto a Facebook group and I posted some of my own portraits of a couple pets. I asked if anyone had a pet that they would like me to make a portrait of to help build my portfolio. This was just a little hobby of mine that I enjoyed doing in my free time. 

Since then I have completed over 280 orders for my portraits. These are from all over the UK. I am extremely grateful for all of the support my small business has been shown. 

Thank you very very very much. I really do enjoy seeing everyones beautiful pets everyday and being able to spend my days doing something I genuinely enjoy doing. 

Commission Orders Announcement - Nov 2022

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